Our Software

Land Data Management Made Easy

We develop customized software utilizing the latest technology in land data management to improve efficiency for land technicians. Every database and mapping system we create is fully tailored to the operational needs of the personnel within your business. Our software allows users to remotely access data and obtain automated reporting for increased efficiency of business processes. Utilize Optimum to eliminate the use of multiple spreadsheets and risks of human error that comes with data entry. We are the resolution you have been waiting for to solve the complex issues of enterprise data systems. With Optimum, land data collection and management is easy, accurate, and secure.”

Optimum Software Advantages:

  • Data Automation
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Centralized Location for Data Analysis
  • Eliminate errors in Data
  • Data Backup with Secure Cloud Server
  • Data Protection with Roles & Permission, User Authentication, & Data Encryption Tools
  • Project Management Task Creation for Workflow Allocation
  • Remote Data Access
  • Online Software Integration
  • Multi-user Interface

Business Solutions

Made for Land Professionals by Land Professionals

Lease Brokers | Lease Owners | Land Technicians | Independent Landman | Operators & Producers

Data management at a whole new level with fully customizable land data software to manage your Oil & Gas land lease projects. Eliminate the hindrance of manually completing spreadsheets and analyze your data with ease. Finally, a solution to more efficient data collection and task management developed explicitly for land technicians. Capture field data and distribute it remotely to your team. Real-time updates allow you to stay connected and up-to-date at all times.

Optimum Custom Solutions:

  • Scheduled alerts to keep your team conscious of deadlines
  • Automated reporting
  • Custom databases for project management
  • GIS mapping
  • Document creations and mail outs
  • Database record document scanning and indexing
  • Document Tracking